Q1 2021

Technology consulting
Business Model
Documentation development (website, whitepaper, gitbook)
Build Phase - Smart Contract
Build Phase - dApp V1 Dashboard
Deployment Phase - Smart Contract - Testnet
Smart Contract Audit
Deployment Phase - Smart Contract Deployment - Mainnet
Deployment Phase - dApp V1 Dashboard
New Partnerships Announcement
Awareness + Bounty Campaigns

Q2 2022

Fair Launch on Pancakeswap
Unicrypt Liquidity Locked 10 years
Unicrypt Token Vesting
Pre-Launch Marketing Coingecko Listing
Coinmarketcap Listing
Coin Trackers Listing
DappRadar Listing
Development Mobile Application iOS and Android
OilZ.Finance Project

Q3 2022

Dashboard V2
Partnership DeFi
Cross-Chain Integration
OILZ Merchandising
Launch Alpha Version Mobile Application iOS and Android

Q4 2022

NFT Collections
NFT O.A.P. Project