Insurance Fund Valuation - Risk-Free Value (RFV)

Risk-Free Value (RFV) is a separate wallet in Oilz.Finance system plays an important in the Oilz AutoStake operation. This wallet collects funds to support and stabilize the liquidity pool, preventing the sharp sell-off that might drain the liquidity pool and lead to the extreme price drop of the $OILZ token.
The RVF uses an algorithm that backs the Rebase Rewards and is supported by a portion of the trading fees that accrue in the RVF wallet: In simple terms, the rebase rewards which are distributed every 15 minutes at a rate of 0,0243% are backed by the RFV parameter to ensure a high and stable interest rate to $OILZ token holders.
4% of all trading fees are stored in the RFV which sustains and backs the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase.
11% of the buys and 18% of the sales go to the treasury which partially supports the RFV value, to create a floor value for the $OILZ token.
IFV Wallet address: 0x0B5715F93110D6d84c88994865ce9b3787b0AFbe