Compounding Interest in Perpetuity
In order to maintain sustainable growth, we have introduced a Compounding Interest in Perpetuity component which will award $OILZ token holders with continued compound interest in perpetuity.
Each Interest Cycle is 15 minutes in length and is referred to as an EPOCH.
There are 35,040 EPOCH's in 1 year.
EPOCH 1 - 35,040: 0.0243% every EPOCH for First 12 Months
EPOCH 35,041 - 52,560: 0.00211% every EPOCH for Next 6 months
EPOCH 52,561 - 245,280: 0.00014% every EPOCH for Next 6.5 Years
EPOCH 245,281: 0.00002% every EPOCH (In Perpetuity until max supply is reached)
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